Take a look at Canadian foreign policy through the eyes of Senator Hugh Segal, Canada's Special Envoy for Commonwealth Renewal, on how the country's vigorous engagement in the Commonwealth mirrors its much more assertive global role. Now that it has ended its combat mission in Afghanistan Canada's increased defence spending has increased its capacity to allow it to promote its strategic interests through means other than peace keeping and human rights - with a much increased focus on humanitarian capability, and to take a more robust role in responding to threats globally. China, with its growing influence in the Commonwealth, and its burgeoning trade relationship with Canada bolstered by the visit of the biggest Canadian trade delegation means that the US clearly can't be complacent about its trading relationship with its North American neighbour.
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Part 2
Senator Hugh Segal on Canada's flourishing trade with China, impact on US, more assertive global role, increased humanitarian capability, more robust role in protecting strategic interests

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Latest Interview Ilja Laurs - Founder and CEO of Getjar
Ilja Laurs is the founder and CEO of Getjar, the world's largest open mobile application store with billions of downloads, which is chasing hard on the heels of the likes of giants like Apple. A recognised global success story and World Economic Forum global technology pioneer 2011, listen to why he feels that the founder's vision is fundamental in driving the success of an entrepreneurial company, why the mobile applications market is such big business, why his business model is so successful and what Getjar is going to focus on next.

Hear his tips on the businesses to watch for the future and why Lithuania's technology savvy society offers great potential for global business.
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21-22 November Singapore

Singapore is showcasing the impact of the combined forces of political will, trade and investment might and top intellectual leadership. Displaying its regional influence by bringing together more than 40 of the region's leading policymakers, business leaders and leading international figures from the arts and academia to discuss the issues that affect the region’s future and its role in global geopolitics in the 21st century.

Attendees include powerful political and economic players including from Singapore the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Law Minister, the Finance Minister and the National Security and Home Affairs Minister as well as India's Finance Minister leading an impressive delegation from this global economic powerhouse. Visit southasiandiaspora.org



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